Entrepreneurs leverage Marlin Travel brand recognition for new agencies

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has announced the recent establishment of three agencies under the Marlin Travel banner by three esteemed members – Anita Spier, Yogesh Anand, and John Fraser. These experienced travel agency owners have witnessed the exceptional appeal of the Marlin Travel brand within the Canadian travel landscape.

Anita Spier was astounded by the almost immediate transformation in customer response when she transitioned from her long-standing banner to the Marlin Travel brand.

Her agency, located in the same spot for as long as she can remember, underwent a significant shift in recognition.

“Upon seeing the Marlin Travel banner, people would walk in and inquire if our agency had been there for a long time. It was as if they hadn’t noticed the presence of a travel agency all along. Notably, our previous banner attracted primarily local customers, but now, I’m noticing a growing influx of customers from beyond our immediate region. To me, this is irrefutable evidence that the Marlin Travel brand is etched in people’s minds; it’s a brand they recognize and, most importantly, trust, as it has been a steadfast presence for many years,” notes the owner, who boasts 35 years of travel industry experience.

Spier continued: “This heightened visibility is not only evident on the streets but also online: since our brand change, website traffic, and bookings have been steadily increasing.”

This success prompted her to inaugurate a second Marlin Travel branch in Fonthill, Ontario, last summer. 

For Yogesh Anand, who owns four travel agencies in Ontario, the transition to the Marlin Travel brand was exceptionally positive.

“The Marlin Travel brand is a national symbol of recognition, and its physical and online presence distinguishes us from other agency networks,” he maintains.

This 20-year agency owner expanded his portfolio by opening a fourth Marlin Travel agency last spring in Mississauga, Ontario.

John Fraser, the proprietor of 11 Marlin Travel agencies primarily in British Columbia, recently inaugurated his 12th agency in St-Albert, Alberta, just outside Edmonton.

For this Alberta-native entrepreneur, who has remained loyal to Marlin Travel for over 30 years, it’s a source of pride to reintroduce the Marlin Travel brand to the outskirts of Edmonton, where it originated over three decades ago.

Said Fraser: “I have been with Marlin Travel as a franchisee my entire 39 years in the travel industry. I have watched the company change and evolve over the years. To me, the people I have worked with and who have taught and supported our group are the backbone of our relationship with the Marlin Travel brand.”

Dianne Jackson, the recently appointed Director of Franchisees and Affiliate Members for English Canada at TDC, underscores that “as a franchisor, TDC is committed to providing unwavering support to its Marlin Travel agency owners on both B2B and B2C fronts. This includes exclusive and lucrative programs, as well as a multitude of impactful marketing initiatives, such as our recent campaign highlighting our 5-star advisors, all designed to ensure agency owners are well-equipped to run their businesses effectively and to maintain high consumer awareness.”