ETC Launches Nordics Sustainability Campaign

The European Travel Commission together with The Nordic Council of Ministers has launched a new sustainable tourism marketing campaign for The Nordics, a coalition of the seven Nordic tourism boards of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The campaign is designed to reinvigorate travel to the region as COVID-19 restrictions ease and will incorporate B2B and B2C initiatives through work with consortia partners, tour operators, and the media. It will appeal to open-minded individuals who travel to broaden their minds and develop new perspectives while connecting with local culture, eating local food, enjoying nature, and experiencing local traditions – all in a responsible manner.

The countries’ unified approach to tourism is bolstered by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation, natural creativity and itineraries that seamlessly connect multiple Nordic countries to create unforgettable travel moments.

Christina Koontz, U.S. Project Manager for The Nordics, said: “From mountains, volcanoes and glaciers to fjords, lakes, forests, and black sand beaches, to progressive, environmentally-minded cities, The Nordics offer extraordinary landscapes and experiences for travellers.”

Koontz continued: “Collectively, we recognize the fragility of our natural environment – our greatest asset – and are determined to both provide sustainable tourism solutions and educate our visitors to ensure future generations of residents and visitors alike can enjoy our breathtaking destinations.”


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