ETC reports more travel, but fewer trips for summer 2024

In its latest report – Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel, Wave 19’ — the European Travel Commission (ETC) reveals a notable surge in travel interest among Europeans for June-November 2024, marking a 6% increase compared to last year. This brings the proportion of respondents planning a trip to 75%. The rise is particularly driven by high wanderlust among Spanish, Italian and British travellers. In all three of these countries, eight out of ten survey respondents reported intention to travel during this period.

The study also reveals that 36% of Europeans plan to take one trip in the next months, an increase of 6% from the previous year. Another 33% will take a second trip, while only 24% plan to take three or more trips, perhaps indicating that financial pressures continue to impact travellers’ behaviour.

Miguel Sanz, President of ETC, said: “Post-Covid travel trends appear to be solidifying, providing some much welcome stability for the tourism industry. Several key European travel markets are showing strong enthusiasm for the upcoming months.”

Sanz continued: “Now is a good time for destinations to take stock of this ‘new normal,’ which includes concerns about high costs and unfavourable weather, as well as travel planning done predominantly on digital platforms. This will enable tourism professionals to tailor their offerings to long-term trends in traveller behaviour and more effectively promote responsible tourism practices.”

Additional report highlights include:

  • 75% of Europeans plan to travel in the coming months, up 6% from last year
  • Mediterranean destinations top the list for European travellers as holidaymakers opt for sun and beach trips
  • The number of Europeans flying to their destinations increases by 5%, though driving is still favoured by 28% of travellers

For the full summary report, CLICK HERE.