Eurail Launches New Travel Community

Eurail has launched a new community platform that brings train travel enthusiasts together to inspire and help each other. The new platform allows for meaningful conversations and building genuine connections with fellow travellers, plus new features, such as ranks and badges for top contributors. The new community space is moderated by Eurail staff to guarantee that exchanged travel information is accurate.

Back in 2018, Eurail launched its first travel communities on Facebook, with separate groups for Eurail Pass and Interrail Pass travellers, respectively non-European and European travellers.

Currently, over 45.000 rail travel fans from around the world, are able to connect with each other, share tips and travel information, and connect with travel buddies. The new online platform replaces the existing Facebook groups; with the change allowing for the further growth and development of Eurail’s traveller community, providing for a higher level of participants’ engagement and connecting European and non-European travellers for the first time.

Key features of the new Eurail Community platform include:

  • Ask questions and receive answers and support about train travel and itineraries in Europe, from travellers from all over the world.
  • Get inspired by European destinations and travel stories.
  • Categories and sub-categories make it easier to find and subscribe to the conversations travellers are interested in.
  • Community members earn ranks and badges as they get involved and build connections with others.
  • Community members can create their own topics and shape the future of the platform.

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