Europe Corporate Travel Rebound Ahead Of N. A.

In a global survey of its corporate travel clients, Uniglobe Travel reports that European companies are almost twice as likely as those in North America to have employees travelling now, or expect to have travel within three months.

Uniglobe found that just 32% of North American companies indicated that they have employees currently travelling, will do so within a month, or within two to three months, compared to 61% of European companies. Globally, this number was 48.7%.

The survey was conducted by Uniglobe Travel from June 15 to June 25, and asked travel managers and decision makers from corporate accounts to answer 14 questions about how their travel policy was changing to reflect the Covid-19 travel environment and their timing and expectations about the resumption of travel.

In line with Europe’s earlier expectations of travel, 56% of European companies had already made travel policy changes compared with only 41% of North American companies.

Globally, the most common policy changes either limited or banned travel for internal meetings (64.1%) followed by limiting participation at meetings or conferences based on attendee numbers or places of origin (54.1%).

Martin Charlwood, president & chief operating officer for Uniglobe Travel International, said that: “Looking at the travel policy changes, there is a discernable traveller-centric approach. The least popular policy changes are those that impact traveller rights and privacy – such as requiring them to sign liability waivers, use a tracking app or restricting their personal activities including staying with friends and family during a business trip.”

The survey also looked at environmental and sustainability considerations in corporate travel policy.

Andrew Henry, VP US Operations for Uniglobe Travel International, noted that: “As companies have increasingly been prioritizing sustainability within travel programs, we know that balancing sustainability with physical distancing can be problematic.”

Henry continued: “Many forms of environmentally friendly travel – such as shared transport – are less popular or viable at this time. However, it was encouraging to see that amongst companies that had sustainability elements in their pre-Covid19 travel policy, well over half of those expect the sustainability policies to be strengthened or enhanced in the next 18 months.”

Worldwide, Uniglobe Travel agencies will continue to consult with their clients on their evolving travel policy and will now use this survey report and data, along with other Uniglobe resources, to do so.

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