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Event Showcases All Hong Kong Has To Offer

The Canadian director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board says those visiting the destination will find both local and Western influences in the cuisine and the same holds true for the destination itself.

Michael Lim told a Thursday Toronto gathering that a destination that is unmistakably Asian but was also shaped by the British to some degree reveals that in many ways, including restaurant dishes that are a “fusion” of different cuisines.

“What Hong Kong people like is food from around the world,” Lim said. Lim used Toronto’s Good Luck Hong Kong Cafe to underscore his message, with that eatery offering dishes that have both local and Western touches, and decor that recalls Hong Kong.

Lim praised the restaurant’s menu as both “affordable” and “eclectic,” something he said is commonplace with Hong Kong dining experiences.

Hong Kong isn’t yet welcoming tourists back but Lim said the HKTB is opting for a “gradual” approach in promotions as it prepares for the return of visitors.

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific is readying for a return to this country, with Toronto service restarting in April and Vancouver flights in May.

“We will open with our arms fully extended to welcome everybody back,” Lim said, before adding that Hong Kong has “evolved” during the pandemic, with new hotels and experiences now available.


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