Exceeding Expectations 

As TL Network’s vice-president Canada, Christine James tells it while the group certainly anticipated ‘significant growth’ in 2022 over 2021, “we certainly did not expect to see sales exceed 2019 levels.”

However, in a conversation with Canadian Travel Press, James noted that “the biggest challenge for our members is that the suppliers have not been able to hire staff back fast enough to facilitate the demand.”

She added: “Our members are also experiencing staff shortages as well, so it makes it difficult to service an increased amount of inbound inquiries from their clientele.”

Said James: “The pandemic is not going away any time soon and no one knows yet how the state of the economy, inflation and global unrest will impact future bookings moving forward. That said, the fact that 2022 & 2023 bookings are far outpacing 2019 levels is very encouraging. “

And she makes it clear that: “As far as supporting our membership to face any potential challenges down the road, there is one benefit coming out of the pandemic and that was that TL Network was creative and successful in rolling out programs and tools to help our membership navigate and overcome many of the challenges they had to face.”

For the full story, check out the latest issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.