EXCLUSIVE: Taking In Tahiti’s Wonders

Our FAM contingent is still washed in the fragrant flower garlands that welcomed us off the Air Tahiti Nui flight from Los Angeles just yesterday, writes Jim Donald in an exclusive report for Press Today.

The Manava Suite Resort was a comforting 5 minute drive from Papeete International Airport. Manava’s majestic infinity pool led our gaze to the pacific ocean, with a pristine view of Moorea, one of French Polynesia’s most beautiful islands.

A morning tour of Manava’s studio suites, duplex suites and Manava apartments rounded out our knowledge of the offerings for both tourist and business travellers.

Tahiti Tourisme then warmly welcomed us with a tour through Papeete’s sights, shops and vibrant market.

Questions about Tahitian pearls led us to Francine from Pearly Shell of Tahiti, who used an x-ray machine to show us the difference between counterfeit and quite exquisite Tahitian cultivated pearls.

At lunch our FAM group excitedly shared tastes of the fish dishes ordered with each other at Café Maeva, located on the second floor of the market.

Our group then piled into a 4×4 driven by Mr. Olivier Lenoir from ‘la Ora Na Expeditions’.  Olivier navigated the 4×4 towards the interior of the island.

Cloud topped towering lush mountains and waterfalls peaked out of the roadside foliage to the delight of everyone.

Olivier explained his culture through an impactful explanation of his tattoos which emphasized a connection to the earth and spiritual ‘Mana’ that flows through us all.

Seen in the photo
Oliver Lenoir from ‘la Ora Na Expeditions’