Exclusive: Time Is Right For Lynx Air

Lynx Air’s CEO, Merren McArthur will tell you that the new carrier’s “vision is to … redefine the perception in Canada of ultra-low-cost carriers,” making it clear that “low-cost should not mean a poor flying experience.”

In fact, McArthur points out that “it doesn’t cost a lot to provide great customer service. It’s about building a great customer-centric culture, listening to the customer and investing in the things they care about most. “

McArthur will also point out that: “… There has never been a better time to launch an ultra-affordable airline like Lynx, with Canadians yearning to finally travel again to see friends and relatives or take a long-awaited vacation. We believe that the type of travel that will recover the quickest, as we emerge out of the pandemic, is travel for leisure and to visit friends and family, and that is our target market.”

And Lynx’s boss continues: “Our mission is to make air travel affordable for all Canadians as they start to think about visiting their favourite people and places again. The pandemic is not over, but restrictions are starting to lift, which is good to see. We are hoping that when we launch in April, the worst will be behind us. But the pandemic is not going away any time soon, so we have strict safety protocols in place to ensure people can feel safe to fly again in Lynx’s brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft.”

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