Exodus Adventure Travels Uneils Private Group Adventures

Exodus Adventure Travels has unveiled Private Group Adventures — special getaways designed to cater to clients looking to travel when they want, where they want, and in the company of those who matter most.

With no set departures, enabling agents to customize travel dates to meet client needs, these trips come in all shapes and sizes with tried and tested itineraries that have been expertly crafted to meet the needs of every type of traveller.

Sasha Andrews, Director of Industry Sales for Exodus Adventure Travels, explained that: “Through our new Private Group Adventures program, our agent partners can now craft the perfect Exodus trip for their clients. Our wide range of itineraries to destinations worldwide will not only look after your clients’ well-being but will also ensure they learn about the places, people, wildlife, history, and culture of the places they visit from our passionate local leaders. What’s more, we are happy to build in a free spot for agents looking to escort their own group.”

As for who travels as a private group, Exodus Adventure Travels list includes:

  • Women’s Only Groups – Female travellers represent 55% of all of Exodus’ clients, with a growing trend of women booking more active adventures.
  • Bike and Cycling Clubs – Cycling organizations, bike clubs, or bike shops have endless private group potential. Friends who cycle together at home can now also do it abroad.
  • Special Interest Groups – Whether clients are photographers, members of food & wine clubs, a book club, birdwatchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and more, Exodus offers a wide range of adventures to suit every niche.
  • Friend Groups/Reunions – Groups of friends or couples travelling together make up one of Exodus’ most popular private group segment. Encourage clients to grab a friend (or 10).
  • Walking Clubs and Hiking Groups – Exodus’ many walking adventures allow those who enjoy walking or hiking the great outdoors to take their passion worldwide.
  • Multi-Generational Family Groups – Now, more than ever, we cherish our family time, with many looking to reunite in style on an epic bucket list adventure.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts – Exodus has worked with agents to put together trips for spin classes, personal trainers, gyms, and yoga studios; it has even had groups for snowshoers and cross-country skiers.
  • Garden Clubs, Wildlife Enthusiasts Environmental Groups – Make a difference and have fun doing it!
  • Charity Challenge Groups – What better way to raise money for a worthy cause than by taking on an epic challenge? Exodus welcomes the chance to help agents and their clients give back.

As for how the program works, the following key information is worth noting:

  • How Private Groups are Quoted: Exodus offers private group rates as NET to agents to allow for mark up with desired amount, be that a standard commission amount through Exodus, or an alternate amount.
  • Free Spots for Agent/Leader: FOCs can be built into the quoted NET from Exodus for however many free spaces are needed.
  • Trips Available as Private Departures: Most all of Exodus’ adventures are available as private departures, however there are some that cannot for logistical reasons.
  • Minimum Group Size: Exodus requires a minimum of 8 travellers for a private group; 7 or less can travel together on an existing Exodus departure. For maximum group size, it is the same as the maximum group size for scheduled departures to offer a true Exodus experience, however slight larger group sizes may be requested.
  • Larger Groups (20+ travellers): For groups of 20 or more, culture- and wildlife-focused trips are the best bet. To align with safety protocols, hiking and cycling tours cannot accommodate larger groups.
  • NET Rates for Single Supplements: Exodus will offer the NET rate on the single supplements if requested, allowing agents to mark it up for a little extra commission.
  • Itinerary Changes: Exodus can only offer private departures of existing itineraries. Of that, there are more than 500 trips to choose from that have been painstakingly researched and vetted for the best experience possible for private groups.
  • Pre/Post Tour Accommodations & other extras: Exodus can arrange the same extras as are normally offered on group departures with pricing as per the group departure pricing. This includes pre/post tour accommodation, e-bikes (where applicable) and private transfers.

For agents interested in a quote for a Private Group, go to www.ExodusTravels.com/ca/private-group-holidays .

For more on Exodus Adventure Travels, go to www.ExodusTravels.com .