Exodus Lights Up Nepal For Agents

Exodus Travels will celebrate Travel Agent Appreciation Day in 2016 by donating to Nepal on behalf of agents across the country.

For every Canadian travel agent who subscribes to Exodus’ trade e-newsletter, joins Exodus’ Agent Facebook Group or shares Exodus’ recent Nepal: One Year On video, the operator will donate a high performance NOKERO solar light to a rural Nepalese family affected by the devastating earthquake that shook the country in April 2015.

With tens of thousands of Nepalese facing a second monsoon season living in temporary housing, camps and tents without electricity, these lights will have a lasting impact on the well-being of this heartwarming country’s incredible people.

Exodus’ Travel Agents Light Up Nepal initiative is an opportunity for everyone in the travel industry to reflect on how their career paths and passions have positively impacted diverse communities around the world. The responsible tourism initiative provides a simple, yet immeasurable way for travel agents to help a country in need.

The one of a kind campaign will run from May 3-6.

Sasha Andrews, industry sales manager for Exodus Travels, said, “Responsible tourism isn’t a buzzword for us. Business completely aside, Exodus is built upon designing and operating in a way that gives back the highest degree of long-term economic benefit to the host communities, whilst also maintaining and improving the environment.”

Andrews pointed out that, “Protecting wildlife, preserving the environment, and promoting real and positive social exchanges between travellers and local communities are intertwined in everything that we do. Agents who promote and share our incredible adventures are simultaneously supporting our community projects and initiatives around the world, so we cannot thank them enough.”

After hearing about the earthquake last April, Exodus took immediate action and launched its Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, which has fundraised over $477,000 to date.

More than 3,500 individuals donated to the relief fund in an overwhelming response that touched the entire Exodus community and made it clear that Nepal had made an indelible impact on so many people.

A portion of the relief fund has gone towards the building, staffing and maintenance of Exodus’ medical camp in remote Thulopatel village.

One year later, Exodus sent their videographer Olly Pemberton to the camp to capture the stories and sights of a country on the road to recovery.

To check out the video, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkeSqvykAtE&feature=youtu.be .