Exodus RCGS Quests Offer New Adventures

Exodus Travels has unveiled a new lineup of itineraries in partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) — Exodus RCGS Quests.

The new series of journeys will provide travellers with what Exodus describes as “life-changing opportunities to return to travel with exhilaration and excitement, guaranteeing the adventures of a lifetime – after what felt like a lifetime without adventure.”

The limited-edition of 2022 small group trips are certain to answer the call of adventurous spirits, looking for opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their perspectives.

From the mysterious Valley of the Kings and spice-scented lanes of Marrakesh, to the hot springs and mud baths of Rincón de la Vieja, ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley, and annual migration of wildebeest and zebras in Kenya, Exodus RCGS Quests are designed to satisfy the innately curious and intrepid traveller.

Robin Brooks, Exodus’ Marketing Director and RCGS Fellow, said that: “After over a year and a half of staying put and staying safe, our appetite and humankind’s innate instinct to explore is stronger than ever.”

Brooks continued: “We’re thrilled to be able to provide an amplified and enhanced experience to travellers, a unique opportunity to journey through a destination from the perspective of an accomplished adventurer.”

John Geiger, CEO of the RCGS, observed: “Further understanding of people and places, cultural heritage, and the natural environment is what contributes to the strength of the global travel community.”

Geiger pointed out that: “As a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society is very proud to be partnering with Exodus Travels, to have the opportunity to share our expertise, experience, and curiosity with travellers.”

For more, go to https://www.exodustravels.com/rcgs-quests .