Exodus Travels Is Now Exodus Adventure Travels

Exodus Travels has announced that it’s changing its name to Exodus Adventure Travels.

Sasha Andrews, industry director at Exodus Adventure Travels in North America, explained that: “This name change is significant because it emphasizes our leadership position in the adventure travel market.”

And Andrews added: “We are well positioned to be the #1 provider of small group adventure trips for consumers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.”

With more than 500 trips to 100 countries worldwide, Exodus Adventure Travels is a proven expert in small group, adventure travel. The organization is known for its extraordinarily high level of customer satisfaction based on outstanding guides and destination knowledge, customer-focused support, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

In recent years, adventure tourism has grown significantly based in increased interest in active experiences including hiking, cycling, walking and cultural and wildlife experiences. The industry is expected to grow on a compound annual rate of more than 28 percent in the next 10 years based on a recent AMR report.

To meet this demand, Exodus Adventure Travels offers trips in eight major collections: Premium Adventures, Active Europe, Gastronomic Getaways, Wildlife and Wilderness, Peaks and Valleys, City-Hopping, Coastal Gems, Classic Countrysides, History and Culture, and Compact Adventures. Each trip is rated for the level of activity, so travelers can select the right adventure for them.

Exodus Adventure Travels understands that the future of travel is based on the well-being of people, places, and the planet.

As leaders in the adventure travel industry, Exodus’ goal is to improve life through travel in the places that it visits, the people it meets, and the planet that its travelers explore. Through its Foundation, Exodus Adventure Travels aims to economically empower and give back to communities, help protect wildlife, reduce waste, and take action on climate change.

The organization’s trips avoid and reduce some of tourism’s most significant impacts on nature with smaller environmental footprints, a stringent animal welfare policy, and strict rules on avoiding waste generation. Exodus has even measured the carbon footprint of all its trips and contributes towards nature regeneration through its commitment to rewild 100 square meters per passenger.

For a complete overview of the company’s sustainability and regenerative efforts, Exodus Adventure Travels’ most recent Impact Report is available now.

Said Andrews: “With our new name and branding, combined with our rich history of industry commitment and innovation, we look forward to providing memorable and extraordinary active travel experiences to people in North America and around the world.”

Go to www.ExodusTravels.com/us for more.