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Exodus awards four individuals with explorer’s grants

Exodus Adventure Travels recently awarded “Exploration Without Boundaries” grants to four honorees in partnership with The Explorers Club.

As an adventure tour operator for more than 50 years, the company believes it has a role in preserving the environment, cultures, and the spirit of adventure for future generations.

“The privilege of travel, especially to such unique destinations as one may experience on an Exodus tour, comes with responsibility. As we celebrate our second year of partnership with The Explorers Club, it is inspiring to see that there are so many incredible minds with big ideas to make our world a better place,” said Rochelle Turner, head of sustainability, Exodus Adventure Travels. “To be able to support them in their goal to create positive change is an honour.”

About the grant

The “Exploration Without Boundaries” grants support people and projects that advance a global understanding of the social and natural world through cultural, scientific and conservation fieldwork.

Led by explorers who have taken alternative routes to acquire the skills necessary to conduct their research, the four grant recipients have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge.

Their stories of unwavering determination and insatiable curiosity serve as beacons of inspiration.