Exotik Journeys Hosts FAM Trip In Turkey

Exotik Journeys, in collaboration with key tourism partners, recently hosted an extraordinary FAM trip to Turkey.

Ten Canadian travel agents from Toronto and British Columbia joined members of the Exotik Journeys team in this enchanting adventure, soaring across the Atlantic Ocean to uncover the diverse treasures of Turkey.

The group’s journey in Turkey was filled with unforgettable experiences, including stays at some of the country’s most renowned hotels. In addition, they had the opportunity to explore a wide array of exciting excursions and remarkable sites, immersing themselves in the rich culture of Turkey.

Highlights included iconic landmarks like the ethereal Blue Mosque, the breathtaking Bosphorus Bridge, the ancient city of Ephesus, the remarkable Cappadocia region, and the spectacular Pamukkale terraces. The group also had the unique opportunity to spend an evening in a Turkish home, including a traditional meal and dance show.

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