Expedia Group Research Explores What Travellers Want 

One of the obvious questions that everyone is asking these days is what do travellers want?

Well, Expedia Group may have some answers after surveying 16,000 respondents in eight markets to find out what is shaping post-pandemic travel decisions as well as what are some of the emerging behaviours in searching and booking, along with new expectations on transportation and on-property experiences.

Called “What Travelers Want in 2021,” the research was first launched in 2020 and tracks traveller preferences presenting new data year-over-year.

While travel was put on hold in 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak changed the plans of travellers all around the world, early this year, domestic and international searches began to increase.

Now, the desire for travel is high with 41% of respondents saying that they would give up watching sports, 39% would stop online shopping, and 37% would cut social media for one month in exchange for a vacation. Also, three-fourths of travelers said vacation would make them happier than a new smartphone.

Melissa Maher, senior vice president of Marketing and Industry Engagement at Expedia Group, observes that: “Year-long lockdowns have created pent-up demand, and travel is expected to surge mid-year, as many will take the summer vacation they could not take last year. As our industry continues to rebound, it is critical to stand out to travelers when they are looking for new experiences on their accommodation options.”

Expedia Group’s “What Travellers Want In 2021” looks at traveller considerations, factors shaping travel decisions, rebuilding traveller trust and more.

To view the research, click here.

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