Expedia Group Tracks Canadian Traveller Habits

Expedia Group has been digging into its search data to identify a few of the key habits of Canadian travellers to help travel advisors and other professionals looking to sell trips to Canadians.

Some of the trends to look out for through the rest of summer, include:

  • Dusting off passports: Canadian travellers are looking internationally for their summer trips this year with a 235% year on year increase in lodging searches in the months of August and September [1]. In total, international travel searches account for a significant proportion of overall searches, replacing the previously preferred domestic trips during the same period last year. Search on international flights has also increased, up 70% for August and September compared to last year. This will be both a relief and an opportunity to travel advisors and tour operators looking to book Canadian travellers on overseas experiences this summer.
  • Sooner than later: Expedia Group data for the fall shows that Canadian travellers aren’t planning ahead much at all – even less than last year. Canadian travellers tend to plan last minute compared to last year, with a 15% increase in the one-month search window for accommodations [1].
  • Deliver package travel: Canadians are looking for package travel more than last year, with a whopping 175% increase in searches for August and September for bundled travel products according to Expedia Group data [1]. Travel advisors, tour operators and Expedia partners can take advantage of this when marketing directly to travellers by leaning into this higher demand for packaged deals.

While this is just a snapshot of this summer’s data so far, these highlights are important to understanding the Canadian traveller and how travel professionals can best connect with them.

In addition to the company’s data and search trends, Expedia Group’s partner portal continues to help partners with resources and tools, like Rev+, which adds extra functionality to empower partners to make smart pricing decisions to optimize revenue.

The Rev+ tool is unique in its ability to provide Expedia partners with a comprehensive view of opportunities in their market and the tools to quickly take advantage of them – and it comes at no additional costs for hotel partners.