Expedia TAAP Canada On A Mission To Help Agents

The gang at Expedia TAAP (Travel Agent Affiliate Program) welcomed a group of about 65 travel trade types to its new offices in Toronto to renew old acquaintances and make some new ones, while also updating the gathering on a number of new developments it is rolling out in 2023.

Valerie Styger, Retail Distribution Manager for Expedia TAAP, welcomed the group, and told them about some of the new initiatives that it was rolling out including flexible payment options, new shopping experiences, a new website – www.ExpediaTAAP.ca – and a whole lot more.

During the evening, agents learned that 46% of travellers say travel is more important now than it was before the pandemic and even better news is that 50% say that now they’re more likely to use a travel agent than they were before the pandemic – that’s up by 14%.

With Expedia TAAP, agents have access to over 500 airlines; 175-plus car rental companies; 220,000 activities; over 1 million accommodations; and 3,900-plus ground transportation companies.

Right now, Expedia TAAP works with 37,000 agencies; 100,000 travel advisers; in 32 countries.

Styger also asked agents to remember three key points:

  • Expedia TAAP offers the best depth and breadth of quality travel options
  • It is here to help advisors stay ahead of the competition with high levels of commission as well as special rates not available to consumers
  • Expedia TAAP’s mission is to enable agencies to scale their business with intuitive tools that improve productivity

For more, go to www.ExpediaPartnerSolutions.com/JoinTAAP