Experience A ‘State Of Happiness’ In Hong Kong

Those who believe that all waking time spent in Hong Kong will be spent hustling and bustling from one site to another in one of the world’s high-energy cities have clearly never encountered Karen Lo.

The Hong Kong-based Lo appeared on a Tuesday Hong Kong Tourism Board webcast organized by Baxter Media that had her demonstrating a “sound bath,” a traditional Hong Kong experience designed to enable people to relax and ward off the likes of stress and anxiety.

Ho invited viewers to close their eyes and focus on their breathing while she periodically struck metal bowls of different sizes, with the varying bowls producing different musical tones.

“Ultimately, it will create a state of happiness…and well-being,” Lo said.

And did her exercise produce the desired effect?

Will, judging by the comments of viewers, the answer is a clear yes, with Susan Palanca, for instance, labeling the sound bath a “wonderful experience,” while Brian Ling said it provided “inner peace.”

Carolyne Parent praised the “powerful experience,” while Arlene Richard said she found the sound bath “very calming.”

Sheryll Donovan was “impressed with how relaxed I am becoming,” while Krystyne Skorka said the sound bath was an “awesome experience.”

The webcast also had Leo Lukidi tout the virtues of tea, hugely popular in Hong Kong, and demonstrating how to “make the perfect tea.”

Tea has many healthy aspects, including reducing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and lowering high blood pressure, he said.

“Basically, it can increase a lot of your life span,” said Lukidi, who was wearing traditional Chinese attire.

Meanwhile, Yuen Kan Wong of the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Toronto office said Hong Kong has rural areas where tourists can find tranquility “that will calm your inner being.”

Hong Kong has a “burgeoning wellness scene,” she added.

Kan Wong also labeled Hong Kong the “culinary capital of Asia.”

Her HKTB colleague Linda Ho said those visiting her destination will find “vibrant street art” that includes murals.

Ho added that Hong Kong “features a wide array of interesting museums,” and is on the verge of gaining a museum of visual culture, slated to open late this year and which will be a “museum like no other.”

Ho also said and Hong Kong has been at the centre of a booming Asian arts scene and has numerous art galleries visitors can explore.

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