Experience Europe With Railbookers

For agents with clients who want a European rail adventure, Railbookers’ newest itinerary features five iconic destinations aboard four of the world’s most treasured and luxurious rail journeys.

The 13-day “The Venice Simplon-Orient Express from Paris to Venice and the Famous Trains of Switzerland” package allows travellers to explore Europe in luxury and style with accommodations, sightseeing and rail travel included in one easy-to-book package.

In addition to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the package includes top-class rail trips on the Bernina Express, Glacier Express and Golden Pass lines in Switzerland. Railbookers is the top seller of Glacier Express independent travel (FIT) worldwide.

Railbookers Director of Product Development, Gareth Jones, said: “This exclusive rail vacation is the first to include three of Europe’s most exclusive rail experiences – the new Prestige Class on the Golden Pass, the legendary Excellence Class onboard the Glacier Express, and the historic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.”

Jones continued: “Together with the breath-taking scenery from the Bernina Express, it’s the best of the best when it comes to European rail experiences. For travellers, the logistics of planning even one or two of these journeys can be daunting, and we’ve made it easy to enjoy this unforgettable luxury rail trip.”

Go to https://www.railbookers.ca/trips/the-venice-simplon-orient-express-from-paris-to-venice-and-the-famous-trains-of-switzerland for more.

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