Experience Europe All Year Round

Insight Vacations is offering Canadians a chance to experience Europe’s fall colours, winter magic and spring blooms and discover the magic that’s unique to those seasons.

Until August 31, 2017, travellers are encouraged to book early to get the best possible deal and can save up to 7.5% per person and give them a chance to enjoy Europe’s milder weather and vibrant colours, seasonal culinary specialties and celebrate regional festivals with the locals.

Cris David, president, Insight Vacations Canada, said:

“Travelling to Europe is special all year long, but what many clients don’t realize is that outside of the summer months, the seasons come alive and there are many opportunities to have authentic experiences in these destinations.”

David pointed out that:

“Whether our guests prefer to explore in the autumn, winter or spring, with Insight Vacations, they will have an extensive collection of unique escorted touring experiences to choose from, and all for incredibly good value.”

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