Experience Portugal At ACTA Trade Show

Expanded tradeshows will be featured at this year’s ACTA Summits, with major destination sponsor Visit Portugal offering an authentic Portuguese experience along with regional partners from Azores, Lisbon, Porto, Alentejo, TAP Air Portugal and SATA Azores Airlines.

And as a result of supplier support, the ACTA Tradeshow has expanded in Toronto & Laval — with Richmond BC and Laval QC already sold out.

The tradeshows will include over 70+ exhibitors from every sector of the industry, providing attendees the opportunity to connect with new exhibitors as well as old favourites.

By popular demand, Travel Talks are back in Toronto, with the tradeshow featuring updates by various presenters.

Food and beverages are included for attendees throughout the grand tradeshow area.

To register:

* ACTA 2023 Eastern Canada Travel Industry Summit – Register here

* ACTA 2023 Western Canada Travel Industry Summit – Register here

* ACTA 2023 Québec Travel Industry Summit – Register here

For agenda and information about the Summits, visit: actaevents.ca