Experience Turks and Caicos Seeks To Promote Destination Beyond Providenciales

With the launch of a new destination management organization that replaces its former tourist board, Experience Turks and Caicos is showcasing that Turks and Caicos is more than the resort hub of Providenciales.

“Our strategy is that when you come to Turks and Caicos, it’s not just Providenciales. We’re islands of unique culture and heritage and we all have our unique personality,” notes Racquel Brown, Change Manager/Interim CEO for Experience Turks and Caicos, ahead of the official kick off for the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s flagship event, the State of the Tourism Industry Conference. “Most persons, when they hear Turks and Caicos, they think of Provo… We want to show what is true to Turks and Caicos — most people don’t know that North Caicos is the breadbasket of the Turks and Caicos islands. It’s lush and green.”

Josephine Connolly, Minister of Tourism for the Turks and Caicos Islands, says the renewed vision with Experience Turks and Caicos calls for collaboration and partnership across the public and private sector.

“The tourist board is a model of the past. We are looking to the future. Part of my government’s mandate was to introduce a DMO, Experience Turks and Caicos,” she says. “In essence it is a pivot to a more people and environment centred approach where the dividend and prosperity are shared by all stakeholders. We are looking for a relationship with all of our stakeholders in order to be competitive, in order for us to sustain what we have.”

Made up of over 40 islands and cays, she says North and Middle Caicos and Salt Cay are among the destinations poised for more tourism.

In order to be innovative and to sustain growth beyond the next decade, the new organization is looking to set the bar higher with quality standards across its entire tourism sector and not just accommodations.

“We want every resident to benefit from the tourism industry, the tourism economy,” added Wesley Clerveaux, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism at Turks and Caicos Islands Government. “While marketing would have been the priority of the former tourist board, this new entity will be much more people centred and environmentally focused.”

PressToday is on location in Turks and Caicos for the State of the Tourism Industry Conference. Stay tuned for more coverage.