Exploration Without Boundaries

Exodus Travels is partnering with The Explorers Club to launch a new Exodus Exploration Without Boundaries Grant program.

The Exodus Exploration Without Boundaries Grants will help fund projects that advance the global understanding of the social and natural world through cultural and scientific fieldwork.

The program is intended for ages 18 and older and these grants will amplify the ideas of enthusiastic and devoted individuals who may not have alternative resources to fund their research.

The 45th president of The Explores Club, Richard Garriott, said that: “The club’s mission is to encourage exploration without limitations. These Exodus grants will support passionate explorers from all backgrounds and walks of life in pursuing their work and help provide them with the funding necessary for the advancement of science, and to further our understanding of the world.”

Robin Brooks, Director of Marketing and PR at Exodus, commented: “Exodus Travels and The Explorers Club both share a passion for inspiring adventure, and a dedication to exploration for the better of people, places and our planet.”

“However,” Brooks continued, “we must remember that to explore and travel is a privilege, and is not accessible to everyone. We are thrilled to partner with The Explores Club to help provide additional access to resources to fund future expeditions and projects.”

The Explorers Club has been promoting exploration and field study and has served as the foremost meeting place for explorers across the globe since 19904.

It provides expedition resources including funding, online information, and member-to-member consultation. Most importantly, it provides fellowship with other members, a global network of expertise, experience, technology, industry, and support.

The society’s past and present fellows include Jane Goodall, Buzz Aldrin, Jacques Cousteau, J.R. Harris, Matthew Henson, Tenzing Norgay, Sally Ride, and Sylvia Earl.

Applications are now being accepted for the Exodus Exploration Without Boundaries Grant, more information can be found at https://www.explorers.org/grants/exodus-exploration-without-boundaries-grant/