Explore Canada, Italy With karibu adventures

A new mission-driven adventure tour specialist — karibu adventures – is introducing three curated itineraries to unique destinations in Canada and Italy that are consciously designed for curious, active adventurers seeking raw and real experiences in amazing wild places.

The company’s first signature tours celebrate some of the best nature, wildlife and Indigenous exploration that Canada has to offer, and take travelers on a personal journey to a hidden treasure in the Italian Alps, where our family has lived for 500 years.

And karibu’s goal is to help travellers connect with the things that really matter, and seek the road less travelled.

Andrea Mandel-Campbell, founder of karibu adventures, said: “We are entering a new age of travel. People want to travel more than ever before, but they want to do it in a way that is more viscerally real and sparks that feeling of wonderment. They don’t want to follow the herd, and they want to feel good about how they travel.”

Mandel-Campbell continued: “karibu was created to fill that need, share those special places in a mindful and inclusive way, and hopefully do some good for people and the planet.”

To that end, karibu has designed three intimate small-group tour itineraries to showcase destinations that are near and dear to us:

  • Temagami, Ontario: a five-day fly-in canoe trip through one of Canada’s canoeing meccas, bookended by a stay at a classic backcountry lodge with hearty home-cooked meals and restorative saunas
  • Vancouver Island’s Northeast Coast: A magical seven-day tour combining sea kayaking and heart-stopping wildlife encounters, with special invitations to meet Indigenous carvers, storytellers and cultural leaders on their ancestral territory
  • Alta Valsesia, Italy: Seven days of spectacular hiking, food and culture in one of Italy’s true hidden gems and a UNESCO Geopark and World Heritage Site

karibu’s mission is to share some of the world’s unique wild places, and help keep them that way through responsible and inclusive travel. We care about the places we visit and the people we bring, so the number of trips to each destination is limited, and we only visit at the best times of year for a particular destination. karibu offers scheduled and private group tours of up to 12 people.

The operator notes that it doesn’t believe in ‘conveyor-belt travel’ and it tries hard not to be tourists. Every trip includes active adventure and nature, and wherever possible we partner with Indigenous and local communities. We also strive to make our trips affordable because we strongly believe that the more people who can experience the world’s beauty (nature and human), the better chance we have of saving it.

Go to www.karibuadventures.com for more.