Explore the Mediterranean with Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic has released details of its four 2024 cultural expedition cruises in the heart of the Mediterranean. All will be aboard the SH Diana, following on from the 10-night cruise ‘Mysteries of Carthage and the Moors’ (Aug. 10 to Aug. 20, 2024), which will see her sailing from Lisbon, Portugal, through the Straits of Gibraltar, then along Hannibal’s North African coast and on to Palermo, Sicily.

The four Mediterranean cultural expedition cruises are:

  • ‘Secrets of Sicily’ – Aug. 20 to Aug. 28, 2024 – departing from Palermo for an eight-night circumnavigation of the island.
  • ‘From Magna Graecia to Greece’ – Aug. 28 to Sept. 5, 2024 — leaves Palermo for an eight-night exploration of the heart of the Mediterranean.
  • ‘Colors of the Eastern Mediterranean’ – Sept. 5 to Sept. 16, 2024 – sails on an 11-night odyssey from Piraeus.
  • ‘Cultures of the East Mediterranean’ – Sept. 16 to Sept. 24, 2024 – sees SH Diana depart from Istanbul to pass 8 nights hugging the coasts of Greece and Turkey on her way to Cyprus.

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