Explore Xplor Park

Xplor Park, one of three Quintana Roo parks in Grupo Xcaret’s Adventure category, added an attraction to its list of unique offerings at the beginning of March.

Running 2,450 feet long, Underground Expedition take guests on an adventure where they will be able to admire impressive stalactite formations inside the cavern.

“From exploring caves filled with clear waters to crossing lush jungle landscapes, adventure enthusiasts will come across some of Riviera Maya’s boldest obstacles,” Grupo Xcaret says.Visitors will choose between two routes, each offering distinctive paths, natural waters, large caverns and a hidden canyon.

“However, the adventure doesn’t stop there. As part of the expedition, two thrilling water slides will await guests towards the end of their journey” Grupo Xcaret adds.

In addition to the Underground Expedition, Xplor park offers six distinct types of activities: ziplines, amphibian vehicles, rafts, stalactite river swimming, hammock splashing and spelunking (hiking through caves and caverns).

Visitors who purchase tickets to two of Grupo Xcaret’s adventure parks via their website will receive 20% off their purchase.