Falling for Colorado

It’s a special time of year in Colorado and those lucky enough to visit during the fall can experience numerous unique getaways and experiences, not to mention a chance to take in one of the hundreds of festivals or special events, reports assistant editor, Greg Coates in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

Fall in Colorado kicks off with a glorious display of fall foliage, but as the days shorten and evenings cool down, there’s no better place to be than fireside, sipping whiskey from a local distillery. Or trying out a wintry ale, while listening to a cowboy reciting his poetry.

It’s all possible in Colorado, where the changing seasons bring a whole host of celebrations, some geared to mountain men (and women) like the 14erFest in Buena Vista, and others meant for food and beer lovers alike.

One sure sign of fall is the plethora of beer festivals that happen around the state. Denver hosts the largest brew festival in America, while OktoberWest is a small town celebration of suds that draws beer enthusiasts to Steamboat.

October is also a time for ghost stories and hauntings, and lovers of spooky places might head to Aspen, to visit two nearby ghost towns, Ashcroft and Independence. While there, head to a screening at the Aspen Filmfest, where Oscar-winning films often get their debut.

Perhaps the most unique of all October events is the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Durango, where a tear might drop in your beer while listening to the tales of lonesome cowboys.

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