The Family That Plays Together Stays Together


The family that plays together stays together and a recent Choice Hotels Canada survey backs this up showing that nearly half of Canadians say their families find them “the most fun” while travelling on vacation.

The Leger survey questioned Canadians on their travel habits and 47% of them said their families think they are more fun when they are on holiday together. That number jumped to 60% for people in the prime parenting years between 35 and 44.

Having fun as a family not only makes mom and dad appear to be more fun to their kids, but it also strengthens family ties. According to the survey, 73% of Canadians agree that travel brings families closer together. For households with children, that number climbs to 84%.

Other findings show that Canadians love to see and do new things when they travel, with the top five activities being sightseeing (73%); spending time together with family (69%); beach time (58%); trying new food (56%); shopping (46%).

Some interesting differences were also revealed depending on region and gender – 75% of women like spending time together as a family versus only 61% of men; Quebecers were the biggest beach goers at 66% while Atlantic and Manitoba/Saskatchewan Canadians aren’t impressed by the ocean, with only 46% checking out the beach while on holiday; British Columbians were the most adventurous eaters with 63% trying new food on vacation (compared to 46% in Quebec).

The survey also showed that countless things inspire Canadians to travel, but these days one of the biggest motivators is seeing photos your friends and family post on social media. A majority of Canadians (62%) agreed that seeing their friends’ photos online made them want to travel.