FCM Strengthens Platform Capability

Alongside the rollout of FCM Platform, Global travel management company FCM has enhanced its proprietary technology offering with FCM Booking, a uniquely flexible and personalized alternative to traditional OBTs.

The latest development is now available to US and Canadian customers and is intended to close the gap in the mid-market segment for those businesses who value an intuitive user experience combined with the ability to control key elements around their travel policy. It also represents another exciting milestone in FCM’s evolving technology journey, firmly positioning it as a leader in the tech travel space.

Billy McDonough, President, FCM Americas, said: “Client priorities in this key market have changed and that motivated us to evolve our technology to support that. Expanding our portfolio of proprietary technology combined with our client-first mentality means we’re well positioned to support business aims moving forward.”

Intuitive design and simple navigation are the result of innovative elements developed in response to the evolving expectations of an increasingly travel hungry, tech-savvy and budget conscious clientele.

FCM Platform’s open-platform solution offers a variety of recommended APIs to deliver feature and functionality requirements on a market-by-market basis –such as HR feeds, trip profile, and booking tool selection.

FCM Booking’s seamless integration into the FCM platform also eliminates the usual cumbersome set up associated with other OBTs. US travel managers can expect a speedy onboarding and configuration process, while the agile set up also allows for a responsive approach to fine-tuning the policy in the future.

A unique policy ‘tuning’ feature enables managers to control travel options by setting personalized algorithms and even individual spend levels.

Armed with this information, the tool’s AI technology does the legwork and removes the frustration typically associated when searching via multiple sites, serving up a variety of choices based on learned behaviors to align with company travel policies and program goals, while taking traveller preferences and loyalty affiliations into consideration.

To aid choice and best value, travellers can access aggregated air and hotel content via multiple sources in one simple and easy booking flow thanks to FCM’s proprietary browser-extension software.

According to FCM Global Managing Director, Marcus Eklund, the company’s technology expertise is borne through an ambitious strategy focusing on user experience and flexibility, while taking full advantage of the significant investments it has made in recent years.

Said Eklund: “By prioritizing the delivery of a user-centric tech, we are able to provide a standout service to our clients that addresses their pain points, provides exceptional flexibility and personalization while providing an incomparable online experience through innovative tools like FCM Platform.”

He continued: “We envisage this booking tool will help US and Canadian travel managers make data driven decisions around booking behaviour. FCM Booking intends to close a gap in the mid-market segment for those looking to marry cost control with a friendly user experience that supports and encourages strong online adoption.”

Go to https://www.fcmtravel.com/en-us/contact/inquiry for more.


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