Fear Of The Spread

In its latest tracking study of American travellers, Longwoods International reports that about half of those travellers say fear of spreading or contracting COVID-19 is preventing them from taking trips.

Beyond fears of spreading or contracting COVID-19, American travellers are hindered from taking trips by unclear health and safety protocols (37%) and personal health concerns (36%).

Only 13% of American travellers have no hesitations about traveling.

Longwoods International also reports that beyond health and safety factors preventing American travellers from taking a trip, are destination-oriented concerns, with 35% citing travel restrictions as a factor preventing them from taking a trip as well as 21% who are not sure if they are welcome in the destination they are interested in visiting.

Amir Eylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International, said that: “With the number of new COVID cases hitting record levels daily, the virus continues to take its toll on the travel industry.”

In the most recent survey, a third of American travellers say they do not plan to travel until there is a vaccine.

Eylon pointed out that: “True recovery for the travel and tourism sector may not be possible until a vaccine is not only available but widely distributed across the country. Longwoods International will continue to keep a pulse on vaccine development and its impact on travel plans in upcoming surveys.”

The survey, supported by Miles Partnership, was fielded Oct. 21, 2020 using a national sample randomly drawn from a consumer panel of 1,000 adults, ages 18 and over. Quotas were used to match Census targets for age, gender, and region to make the survey representative of the U. S. population.

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