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Feb. 27 is International Polar Bear Day

Feb. 27 marks International Polar Bear Day.

Polar bears have recently been placed on the vulnerable species list, and International Polar Bear Day looks to spread awareness and inform those on how to help protect them.

Lindblad Expeditions is giving guests the opportunity to view the creatures in their natural environment through a variety of upcoming voyages. Choices include Exploring Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic, where passengers venture deep into the northern reaches of the Arctic on a quest for Arctic wildlife and the “magisterial scenery of the ice – occurring at an epic scale in Greenland.”

Participants also share the experience of explorers led by the desire to discover the Northwest Passage. The itinerary also provides opportunities to explore rare northern fiords, “threading the ice-carved narrows and standing on the bow as the captain noses up to glaciers,” hike, walk and kayak through Arctic settings, follow fiord-carved coasts and enjoy “superlative photos ops and onboard photo assistance.”

Dates are July 23 to Aug. 7.