Feds Advise Against Non-Essential Travel to Turkey


Turkey Global Affairs Canada is advising against non-essential travel to Turkey following Friday’s failed military coup.

Those who are already in Turkey are advised to restrict their movements, ensure that their travel documents are up to date, and keep abreast of the latest developments. Travellers can register with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service, receiving its messages on the current situation.

Turkish authorities report that the government has detained some 6,000 people as it cracks down on suspected coup participants. At least 294 people were reported killed and the coup attempt follows several terrorist attacks in Turkey this year that have led to concerns about possible damage to the country’s tourism trade, with Turkey traditionally seeing huge numbers of foreign visitors, particularly from northern Europe.

Meanwhile, the Turkish embassy in Ottawa said in a statement that “from the very beginning, the command chain and vast majority of the Turkish Armed Forces stood up against the coup attempt. It was merely some elements of the Air Forces, Gendarmerie and armored units that joined the violent conspiracy. Both the police and public prosecutors immediately took necessary measures to foil the attempt.

“Above all, it was the Turkish nation who thwarted the plot. They displayed a historic solidarity as they took to the streets and remained defiant… Our president, prime minister, government, Members of Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Turkish people all together defeated this coup attempt and stood by democracy and rule of law. The terrorists will be punished in accordance with the law.”