Festival Splendour From Goway


It’s not an exaggeration to say that festivals are a part of life in India and Goway Travel is offering an escorted trip that showcases one of the country’s liveliest Hindu festivals – Holi.

Holi marks the end of winter and beginning of spring and takes place in the Hindu month of Phalguna (ie. Usually March). Holi is known as the “colour” or “powder” festival, with brightly coloured powder and water thrown in good spirit at festival goers.

Goway’s Splendours of India tour departs March 15, 2016, and is timed around experiencing Holi. An 18 day trip across most of India is part of Goway’s Holiday of a Lifetime Series, and is led by a professional guide, and carries a “Promise of Something Special.”

Prices start at CDN$7,999.

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