Find Europe On This Side Of The Pond With Globus

There’s so much to see, this side of the sea. From the sweeping views of the Gaspé Peninsula to the sparkling lakes of the Rockies; the floating icebergs of Newfoundland to famous fromageries of Charlevoix and cobblestone avenues of Québec City to sensational scenery along Carmel’s California coast.

For agents with clients who are looking for a far-from-ordinary, close-to-home getaway in 2022, Globus is offering them a world of wonder in our own backyard.

Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands, said that: “For travellers interested in staying near ‘home sweet home’ with a backyard getaway, we’re excited to pave the road back to travel. Including getaways that offer travellers the beauty they expect from North America with a flair of Europe they’ve been missing.”

Examples of some of the ways agents’ clients can find Europe in North America with Globus include:

  • California Classics (10 days) – For those missing the windswept magic and coastal beauty of Italy’s Cinque Terre – not to mention the wine – the cute cottages, towering bluffs and quaint cafes, shops and wineries found in Carmel-by-the-Sea, along California’s Central Coast will do the trick. This vacation also delivers a taste of Scandinavia in nearby Solvang!
  • Cape Cod & the Islands (8 days) – If craving the French Riviera, travellers can find breezy coastal walkways, sun-lit cliffside majesty and architectural wonders from the gilded age in Newport, Rhode Island. Here, along the Northeast’s coast, they’ll find a taste of Nice inviting them to let their heart soar and soul sail.
  • Majestic Rockies (11 days) – While scenic Switzerland is spectacular, nothing will lift spirits like the blue skies and blue waters – not to mention, the soaring peaks – of the Canadian Rockies. Breathtaking views abound on this vacation in our own backyard.
  • Québec in Depth with the Gaspé Peninsula (11 days) – Follow French fantasies (and nose) to the croissant-scented, café-lined promenades of Québec City. Travellers can tune into the music-filled streets of Montréal and set their eyes to the sweeping views of the Gaspé Peninsula in French Canada.
  • Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton (9 days) – It’s no wonder that Nova Scotia (New Scotland) is home to the largest Scottish Gaelic-speaking community outside of Scotland. With its red-and-white-striped lighthouses, salty fishing harbours and towering cliffside coasts, the rugged and wild scenery of Canada’s Maritimes mirrors its Scottish roots.
  • Historic Cities of Eastern Canada (9 days) – France or French Canada? No place does Europe (other than Europe) better than Québec City and Montréal. From cobblestoned streets and café-lined town squares; beautiful basilicas and awe-inspiring architecture, travellers can submerge in French culture, close to home.

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