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Fairmont Pacific Rim has announced the elimination of non-essential single-use plastics from its guest journey, including throughout its public spaces, guest rooms, dining venues and spa.

The milestone was verified by British Columbia-based GreenStep Solutions Inc., a Certified B Corporation dedicated to providing organizations with environmental impact performance assessments, technology and certifications to measure and improve sustainability performance.

In 2018, Fairmont Pacific Rim and GreenStep Solutions Inc. began the journey to elimination through an extensive audit process of all single-use plastics within the hotel operation.

The assessment included reviewing the purpose and frequency of single-use plastic practices, followed by the development of a comprehensive road-map towards the reduction of single-use plastics by removing items entirely, identifying reusable alternatives, and/or introducing sustainable materials in their place.

Fairmont Pacific Rim has worked with suppliers, partners and vendors to eliminate plastics within the guest journey while continuing to provide the high level of services and amenities the hotel has become renowned for.

As of August 2022, GreenStep awarded Fairmont Pacific Rim the third-party verifier’s first Single-Use Plastic Free Certification within the North American hospitality sector.

Jens Moesker, Regional Vice President and General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim, said: “This certification is a major milestone for our hotel and one we hope to inspire continued sustainability efforts across our industry.”

Moesker continued: “Changing long-held industry practices required creative solutions from all of our staff and this achievement is a testament to their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship demonstrated by all.”

Fairmont Pacific Rim is committed to reducing its environmental impacts; examples of the significant updates the hotel has undertaken include:

  • 36,000 plastic key cards used annually have been replaced by reusable FSC Certified cherry wood.
  • Approximately 1,600 kilograms (198,700) of small bath amenity bottles used annually have been replaced with large format refillable bottles.
  • 600 kilograms of plastic water bottles consumed per year have been removed from the guest experience and replaced with recyclable alternatives.
  • 12,500 plastic laundry bags used per year have been replaced with a re-usable cloth alternative.
  • In-room amenities such as razors, toothbrushes, cotton buds and shower caps have been replaced with environmentally friendly versions.
  • All food and beverage take-away containers and cutlery have been replaced with fiber-based solutions.

Angela Nagy, President & CEO of GreenStep Solutions Inc., said: “We congratulate Fairmont Pacific Rim on this challenging but important certification. Since 2008, we have worked with thousands of businesses across various sectors to help them on their sustainability journey and we are beyond pleased to award the first hotel this impressive certification. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fairmont Pacific Rim to serve as a beacon of progress in the tourism and hospitality sector.”

Moesker noted that: “Our guest experience drives all that we do and we are delighted to offer an experience that serves the eco-conscious desires of our visitors and locals alike.”

He also pointed out that: “While this is a momentous step forward, we will continue to drive sustainability deeper into our business practices for the betterment of our guests, staff, community and planet. I look forward to working with GreenStep Solutions Inc. on continued sustainability measures throughout our hotel and region.”

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On the Left, Jens Moesker – Regional Vice-President, Pacific Northwest and General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim; in the middle, Angela Nagy, President & CEO of GreenStep Solutions Inc; and on the right, Ryan McKee – Director of Marketing and Communications, Fairmont Pacific Rim