Can an agent really increase commissions by focusing on a sustainable tourism niche? We think so, and we’ll show you how! Join the RTTF webinar on Oct. 16 at 1 p.m., Gaining an Edge by Finding a Sustainable Niche, to learn about people and companies that can help you thrive in this niche. Get advice and examine best practices with our speakers, Irene Lane of Green Loons who helps agents market themselves to gain new niche clients, Sanjay Verman of The Travel Circuit who pays agents higher commissions while remaining true to sustainable tourism principles, and Keith Henry of Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich Aboriginal tourism industry.

Register for this and other RTTF webinars by visiting . Registration is free for travel industry professionals thanks to generous sponsors: Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University; Air Canada; and Eaton Chelsea, Toronto. Brought to you by Baxter Travel Media, the third annual RTTF Webinar Series offers discussion, learning, and action on the environmental, social, and economic issues affecting the travel industry today.