Finnair has joined the transatlantic joint business founded by fellow oneworld alliance members American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia. Finnair customers flying to North America can now book flights to dozens more North American cities on one single ticket. Customers of the other three airlines now also have better access to 13 cities in Finland and the rest of Europe, thanks to efficient Nordic and Baltic connections from Finnair’s Helsinki hub. Finnair also announced its intention to join the joint business agreement between oneworld members Japan Airlines and British Airways on traffic between Japan and the European Union. Both moves are examples of Finnair pursuing tighter cooperation within the oneworld alliance to improve network connectivity and better serve the needs of intercontinental customers. The transatlantic joint business, first undertaken in October 2010 by American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia, enables customers the following benefits when flying between North America and the European Union (plus Switzerland and Norway): Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo said: “The transatlantic joint business has been a big win for European consumers flying to America and vice versa, and now Finland will benefit too. Finland is now only a one-stop journey away to many more North American cities, which is great news for Finnish firms doing business in the US, Canada or Mexico, and for leisure travellers as well. By the same token I look forward to more North American business and leisure travellers discovering the unique charms of Finnair and Finland as a result of this partnership.” Go to for more.