First In Service Advisors Track The Trends 

First in Service travel advisors in Canada are reporting that Paris is outpacing every other international city they are booking by far in 2023.

That was just one of the findings of a newly released survey by First Service Travel LTD (FIS).

When F1S advisors were asked to name the top three locations they are booking outside Canada, Paris ranks first with 21.7%, followed by London (13%), and a four-way tie for third place among Lisbon, Rome, Sicily and Tel Aviv (8.7%).

F1S’ top 5 countries from Canada include:

  • Italy (52.2%, with Florence, Milan, Puglia, Rome and Sicily all named)
  • France (43.5%, with Paris named)
  • Portugal (26.1%, with Lisbon and Porto each named)
  • Morocco (21.7%, with Fez and Marrakesh each named)
  • Greece (17.4%, with Athens named)

Fernando Gonzalez, F1S Chief Executive Officer, said that: “While Italy, France and Greece are all returning favourites with good reason, the big surprise this year is how much our clients are seeking out destinations that are less familiar and more exotic, including Portugal and Morocco.”

Willa Griffin, who leads the F1S Canada operations, agreed: “People have been flocking to Italy and Greece since the pandemic and now are returning to destinations like Morocco that were very locked down and offer something a bit different.”

Additionally, when Canadian F1S advisors were asked to name the single top global destination where they are sending clients this year, Italy ranked first among 43.5%, with no other country coming close.

FIS advisor, Marisa Wise noted that: “Italy is incredibly busy this year; I believe this is still catch-up from the pandemic. Italy is a dream destination for many travellers! It’s also very popular with honeymooners – I have many couples booking Italy this year.”

However, F1S advisors report that Canadian travellers are also seeking out new and different experiences as well.

Christina Gula, F1S advisor, said: “There is a lot of pent-up demand after the pandemic and clients want to go to places they haven’t been before.”

Added F1S advisor Isla Steinberg: “People want to get back to experiential travel and away from beach destinations, which were a focus during COVID.”

Porto and nearby Douro Valley, along with the world-class charms on Lisbon, have propelled Portugal close to the forefront of client demand and interest.

Said Gonzalez: “With its rich history and culture, along with its relatively short distance from Canada’s East Coast, Portugal has become a bona fide ‘must-see’ hot spot in its own right.”

While FIS advisor, Ashleigh O’Connor said: “Portugal is an amazing country that offers excellent value in the European market. There is an abundance of high-end luxury hotels throughout the country, and they all offer something unique.”

FIS also ask the advisors it survey to name the single most popular international destination they are specifically booking for Canadian clients on each continent and other major regions globally.

The top picks were:

  • Africa: South Africa (39.1%), followed by Morocco
  • Asia: Thailand (30.4%), followed by Japan
  • Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific: Australia (17.4%), followed by New Zealand and Tahiti
  • Caribbean: Dominican Republic (26.1%), followed by Turks & Caicos
  • Central America: Costa Rica (43.4%), followed by Belize
  • Europe: Italy (43.5%), followed by Portugal
  • Mexico: Cancun (34.8%), followed by nearby Riviera Maya
  • Middle East: Israel (52.2%), followed by United Arab Emirates
  • South America: Argentina (17.4%), followed by Chile and Colombia
  • United States: Florida (30.4%), followed by California and Hawaii

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