First In Service Expanding In Canada

First in Service Travel LTD (F1S) has expanded its operations to include Canada. More than two years in the making, the announcement heralds the New York City-based company’s growth strategy for corporate, luxury leisure and entertainment travel not only for Canada, but also encompassing much of the Western Hemisphere. Willa Griffin will help lead F1S Canada.

Fernando Gonzalez, F1S chief executive officer, who co-founded First in Service with his sister Erika Reategui in 1991, explained: “While we are only now formally announcing our entry into Canada, First in Service has been stealthily growing our Toronto-based operations since first opening our offices here in late 2019. During that time – and despite the pandemic – we have been steadily building our presence by attracting top travel advisors from across the country,”

Gonzalez continued: “Canadian advisors have already discovered what makes First in Service so compelling: we are a nimble family-owned agency devoted to providing exceptional buzzworthy experiences to our advisors and clients alike, along with our personal touch, complemented by the latest technology.”

Already, 25 Canadian travel advisors have joined F1S Canada, according to Reategui, president of F1S, who noted, “Our Canadian advisors were attracted to F1S Canada not only because of our award-winning affiliation with Virtuoso, but also thanks to our steadfast independence and entrepreneurial spirit. Most of all, they have been inspired by our positioning as a travel experience company dedicated to putting our talented independent travel advisors first.”

Griffin is a pillar of the Canadian expansion and plays a critical role in the execution of the business strategy and overall vision.

Said Reategui: “Willa plays an integral role in our positioning in the Canadian market and the success of our operations there. Her crucial leadership within F1S Canada also extends to serving on our board of directors.”

Griffin pointed out that: “Canada’s leisure and corporate travel was steadily growing, but the number of global travel companies coming into our market was not keeping pace. Fernando, Erika and I saw this as an opportunity to infuse new life and excitement into the marketplace.”

And Griffin explained that: “With Fernando’s visionary leadership and electric personality, Erika’s operational acumen, and my familiarity with the local landscape, we are building an organization where the best travel advisors will receive personalized support, excel as entrepreneurs and business owners, and most importantly, exceed their clients’ expectations. Indeed, F1S Canada will be a new home where the advisor is the priority.”

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