First In Service Talks Travel In NYC

First in Service Travel LTD (F1S) wrapped up its F1S SUMM1T at the Virgin Hotels New York.

It was the company’s first-ever two-day event and celebrated First in Service’s unprecedented growth since the pandemic as its annual sales now surpass $300 million and its total number of advisors hit an all-time high.

The SUMM1T attracted over 100 First in Service travel advisors, including its top 10 producers, from across the United States, Canada, Colombia, France, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, with proportional representation from each of its verticals – premium and luxury leisure, corporate, entertainment and events travel.

Fernando Gonzalez, F1S Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our primary purpose for the F1S SUMM1T was to bring together our advisors and supplier partners to celebrate our shared success after a thriving year of renewed growth.”

Gonzalez continued: “In recognition of the integral role our key partners have played in our unprecedented, extraordinary growth, it became obvious that they needed to be included to further facilitate and strengthen their dialogue with our advisors.”

During the event, he provided advisors with an F1S “State of the Union,” revealing that travel sales are currently projected to increase by 30%, year over year. The estimate is propelled by the strength of the advisors within F1S who, on average, already contribute $2 million each in annual sales; that number is expected to grow significantly in 2023 and beyond, according to Gonzalez. He also used his address to honor the top ten producing F1S advisors, all of whom were in attendance.

Erika Reategui, President of F1S, said that: “Based on the extremely positive feedback we received from our advisors and key partners alike, our F1S SUMM1T was a resounding success. They genuinely appreciated how we positively reinforced the F1S ethos of openness and provided a community of friendship and comfort.”

Reategui added: “Everyone was extremely ‘present,’ providing a sense of inclusion that really set the tone. I was repeatedly told how conducive our event was in further strengthening our bond with key suppliers – this will help us as we forge our path forward together.”

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