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First Stop Antigua & Barbuda

Agent Takes Colleagues, Customers On A Virtual Journey

Vision Travel specialist, Tracy Turberfield took a group of Canadians on a virtual tour of Antigua & Barbuda and they didn’t have to leave the comfort of their living rooms.

Recognizing that her clients can’t wait for their next trip, Turberfield created Live-Virtual Vacation Experiences for them so that they could feel as if they were in Antigua & Barbuda. And that the virtual tour would inspire viewers to pack their bags and begin planning their post-COVID-19 getaway to Antigua & Barbuda.

Colin James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, said: “We are grateful to be a part of this experience and bring Canadians on a virtual vacation to Antigua.”

James continued: “This is a wonderful opportunity for viewers to see all that our exquisite island has to offer. We want to be kept top of mind when they are planning their next escape to the sun.  We are thrilled that we will be able to welcome them in person soon as Air Canada begins their weekly flights from Toronto to Antigua on November 1.”

As they have for much of the year 2020, Canadians made the best of the circumstances and the energy of the night was fun and celebratory.  Some guests turned their homes into their very own tropical oasis, arriving in sun hats and sunglasses with a tropical drink in hand.

There were two very special guests of the evening, Jennie and Steve, a couple who were supposed to be celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary in Antigua as this virtual tour took place. Jennie and Steve weren’t sad – but they are definitely ready to go celebrate in person!

Together with Tameka Wharton and Shamoi Richards with the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority based in Toronto, the Canadian team was joined by Maria Blackman, Head of Marketing Communications from historic Fort James Beach in Antigua.

Canadians were able to learn from the experts about local ‘hot spots’ and the ‘do-not-miss’ places on the island as the trio answered questions from the viewers.

The virtual tour went live from Nelson’s Dockyard and showcased the rich history of the English Harbour area and its strategic importance.

Guests were treated to  mixologist, K. George, creating “Paradise,” a delicious and delightful cocktail complete with Antigua’s own Black Pineapple and, of course, English Harbour 5 year Rum.

A highlight of the event showcased young students in elementary school in Antigua instructing future Canadian visitors on the proper island pronunciation of common words!  They were a delight.

With beautiful views of the beaches as well as the countryside, our virtual tour made its way to the Villas at Sunset Lane where viewers had the chance to watch a cooking demonstration for Bread Pudding.

A ‘pan’-tastic session on the beach near historic For James followed while watching the sun set over the island.

This is typically the time snowbirds are packing bags and planning their escape from the harsh Canadian winters. They can now fly direct from Toronto starting November 1 on regularly scheduled Air Canada flights.

Said James: “We are ready to welcome Canadians back to Antigua & Barbuda with open arms. Antigua is stunning from your living room but the only way to truly experience its beauty is in-person here on the island.”

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