Five facets of EIA Terminal get improvements

Now underway is the Expansion 2012 project at Edmonton International Airport (EIA), which is five separate projects in total. These include an expanded terminal building, a new Central Tower, expanded aircraft parking space, a new power substation and an upgraded central utilities plant. The new EIA terminal is designed to make check-in simpler, security faster, departure lounges more comfortable, and the overall experience for passengers more relaxing and memorable. The Central Hall retail area and U.S. Departures lounge are now open. Canadian Border Service Agency, the International/Domestic Lounge and Central Tower are scheduled to open later this year. The Art at EIA program features five large-scale permanent art pieces and six rotating art pieces, some designed to interact with passengers. Another highlight is the Arts District Corridor, where passengers can experience Edmonton’s local arts scene while walking to the US Departure Lounges. (