Flair Airlines’ Appointment

Flair Airlines has appointed John Mullins, vice-president of Customer Experience and Airports.

Mullins has more than 30 years of senior leadership and advisory experience from Gulf Carriers and Canada 3000 Airlines. Specializing in designing and implementing superior guest services and airport strategies, Mullins will lead the Flair team to higher levels of customer satisfaction while remaining rooted in safety, reliability, and efficiency.

As a primary mandate, Mullins will first end seat reclining on all flights by this summer. Flair has been experimenting over the past two months with a fixed pre-recline for seats on half of its fleet. While controversial, Flair has recorded improved customer experience as a result.

“Following a successful pilot project, we have discovered our passengers prefer the fixed pre-set recline,” said Mullins. “We are listening keenly to our passenger’s needs and interests. We will make this change on all our aircraft just in time for the expansion into Ottawa and Atlantic Canada. Flair will continue to offer seats with spacious legroom and now with the pre-reclined seats we will make the experience comfortable for everyone on board.”