Flair Airlines Calls Seizure Of 4 Of Its Planes ‘Unprecedented’  

Following several media reports that four of its planes had been seized, Flair Airlines has issued the following statement:

“Flair Airlines is aware of extreme and unusual actions taken by a New York-based hedge fund and lessor of certain Flair Airlines aircraft. This is a commercial dispute, which has impacted four of Flair Airlines’ aircraft. The airline is aggrieved by this unprecedented action.”

The statement continues:

“Flair Airlines has been involved in ongoing communications with the lessor and payment has been initiated, as they have been previously done. Flair Airlines will continue to engage in a consensual mediation with the lessor to remedy the situation.”

And it makes it clear that:

“Flair Airlines is committed to expanding its presence in Canada, and travellers can be assured Flair Airlines will continue to fly its schedule. The airline will utilize additional fleet capacity to minimize the impacts on passengers and does not foresee any major disruptions to its route map.”

Flair concludes:

“We are truly very sorry passengers were impacted today, and are taking steps to get them on their way with minimal disruption.”


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