Flair Set To Take Off To U.S., Six Sun Destinations

Flair Airlines is launching non-stop flights between 8 Canadian cities and 6 U.S destinations.

U.S. destinations include Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Sanford, Phoenix-Mesa, Hollywood-Burbank, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

Stephen Jones, president and CEO, Flair Airlines, said: “We want Canadians to hear us loud and clear, you don’t have to rack up debt or save for months to enjoy travel this winter.”

Jones continued: “For years, Canadians have been over-paying for air travel to domestic and U.S destinations. Flair is here to ensure that Canadians are no longer taken advantage of and receive low prices for even better service. The fares to our new destinations ensure Canadians can easily enjoy travel this winter and spend some much-deserved time away exploring sunny new places.”

Beginning in October, Halifax, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Abbotsford will receive service to a variety of the U.S cities.

Fares will start between CDN$79 to CDN$109 one-way.

The new service to the six U.S cities are among several new destinations Flair is adding to its network as the airline rapidly grows to serve 26 destinations in Canada and the U.S.

The carrier’s goal is to grow to 50 aircraft in 5 years.

All routes and schedule details can be viewed at https://www.flyflair.com.