Flight Centre Encourages Travellers to ‘Be Unbordered’

Flight Centre Canada has launched a new brand campaign encouraging travellers to escape the monotony of routine travel.

The integrated marketing campaign, “Be Unbordered” is a first for the company in Canada and will serve to build consumer awareness about Flight Centre’s specialty in working with clients to create unique travel experiences.

“We’ve found that the mentality of travellers is changing – people are seeking more unique and authentic experiences instead of the traditional bucket list but are reluctant to trust booking to anyone but themselves,” says VP of Leisure, Gavin Miller. “We understand that holidays are the most important weeks of the year and our Flighties bring vast personal experience which is sorely lacking in a market dominated by algorithms and self-serve booking.”

Flight Centre’s commercial is directed by Oscar-winner Joachim Back and will be featured on TV and cinema screens, compelling viewers to consider something “Unbordered” for their next getaway. Canadians will also notice many playful out-of-home advertisements such as street car wraps in Toronto, and key billboard placements in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.