Flight Centre goes all inclusive

Beginning today (Aug. 1), Flight Centre is moving to a “Price You Pay” strategy. That means that the total price being advertised by the brand for all flights, accommodations and packages will now include all taxes and fees. The new strategy is being implemented as a result of recent customer feedback regarding the often significant disparity of pricing where taxes and surcharges are far greater than the base fare price. Flight Centre had been advertising fares with all applicable taxes and fees listed below as a separate component in order to remain competitive with airlines that are regulated federally and were not required to display taxes and fees. However, new regulations requiring Canadian air carriers to include all associated fees and taxes in their advertised prices are expected to be implemented later this year. Flight Centre president, Greg Dixon commented, “Now that airlines will be forced to be transparent when advertising, it levels the playing field for travel agencies who have been at a considerable disadvantage having to show all-inclusive pricing in certain provinces for years.” Dixon pointed out that, “Of particular concern is the application of fuel surcharges as separate amounts. These surcharges are what make up a major portion of the taxes, but really should be included in the base airfare.” He added that, “The all-inclusive pricing approach is great news for customers and will go a long way toward reducing the confusion of how prices are presented.” So from Aug. 1, Flight Centre will show the total price as well as, where possible, the base fare and taxes/fees components that make up the total price.