Flight Centre Launches Employee Resource Groups

Flight Centre Travel Group (Americas) has appointed Employee Resource Group (ERG) Coordinators for its five new ERGs.

The primary purpose of ERGs is to provide equity seeking groups with a formal structure within the organization to support their unique needs, serve as a focus group for the business, create networking opportunities, and support employee retention by building community ties across the organization.

“ERGs are a central function of our DEI vision. They fully embody the collaborative work that drives our ongoing commitment to equity. We’ve built a team of dedicated ERG coordinators and executive sponsors with strong ties to a wide variety of brands and geographic areas throughout our business, which puts us in the best position to create relevant programming that benefits ERG members and the business as a whole,” said Emese Graham, DEI Manager for FCTG Americas, who provides strategic direction and support for the business’ ERGs.

The Racial Equity ERG will connect racialized and Indigenous employees as well as non-racialized allies. It is coordinated by Teresa Rolack and sponsored by executive David Richardson and FCTG Americas president Charlene Leiss.

The Gender Equity ERG will connect employees interested in advocating for gender equality including women, gender-non-conforming employees, and men. It is coordinated by Kate Neufeld and sponsored by executive Chris Lynes.

The Accessibility ERG will connect employees living with visible or invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, marginalized neurotypes, and non-disabled allies. It is coordinated by Chelsea Eaton and sponsored by executive Lisa Baker.

The LGBTQ2+ ERG will connect LGBTQ2SIA+ employees and cisgender heterosexual allies. It is coordinated by Daniel Baker and sponsored by executives Billy McDonough and Christina Pedroni.

The Environmental Justice ERG will connect employees who wish to advocate for environmental justice, animal rights, and sustainability. It is coordinated by Chris Garrard and sponsored by executive Marc Casto.