Flight Centre Names Its Top Destinations for 2020

Mexico's Mérida Dubbed a 'Hidden Gem'

Flight Centre has revealed its list of top 10 travel destinations for 2020.

The company notes a growing interest outside of classic destinations with more Canadians seeking to beat the crowds and discover something special before everyone else catches on.

As a prime example, the well-trodden Yucatan Peninsula shows no sign of losing favour among Canadian travellers, but consumers are seeking more unique ways to experience the destination.

“Hidden gems such as nearby Mérida are starting to sparkle as brightly as Cancun or Riviera Maya,” says Allison Wallace, VP Communications and CSR. With its trendy boutique hotels, creative dining and historic architecture, Mérida rightfully earns a place on Flight Centre’s list of 2020 must-visits.

Alongside it is Sweden, a worthwhile alternative to a busy destination like Venice or Paris. Sweden’s fashionable cities, Baltic beaches and Scandinavian mountains offer something for any travel style. A similar crowd-pleaser is New Zealand (pictured), with experiences ranging from bungy jumping and white water rafting to exploring modern art galleries and leading-edge restaurants. Most Canadians choose to combine New Zealand with another South Pacific destination.

Active travellers can meet their match in top 2020 destinations, Scotland or Costa Rica (shown above). So far, Scotland is an underestimated haven for hiking and camping – boasting lochs, links, highlands and castles to trek to. Costa Rica, too, has a huge appeal for nature-lovers, thanks to its diverse rainforests, waterfalls, thermal springs, and beaches.

“There has been a wave of visits to Bali this year, possibly as a result of social media piquing travellers’ interests,” said Wallace.

2020 might make the island an even bigger favourite. Bali has a special appeal for solo adventurers, foodies and couples seeking something original for a romantic getaway.

Perhaps one of the more surprising picks for 2020 is the Bahamas. “Canadians are a generous people, and many want to know what they can do to help rebuild Grand Bahama Island after Hurricane Dorian. One of the most effective ways to do that is through tourism,” said Wallace. “The Bahamas is an archipelago of hundreds of beautiful islands, most of which weren’t affected by Dorian. An expert can help you discover the perfect hideaway for your trip.”

As far as hot and sunny getaways go, one might also do well to look to something a little more far-flung.

“The Philippines has become one of our most popular flight bookings,” said Wallace. Its immaculate beaches and world-famous cuisine make the journey worthwhile, especially since it’s a very affordable destination. And for those who have fallen in love with picturesque Greek Isles, Cyprus offers one rewarding step further into the Mediterranean.

“Try a guided combined tour of Turkey and Northern Cyprus with Intrepid,” Wallace recommends.

Vietnam is steadily becoming a more mainstream destination, to the benefit of travellers who want to experience it in 2020. “There is a surge of new options available in Vietnam, from cycling tours to foodie trips to river cruises,” said Wallace.

The FOMO (fear of missing out) effect might be common, but as far as Flight Centre is concerned, it’s the JOMO (the joy of missing out) that prevails. Says Wallace, “It’s really all about making your travel personal and unique.”


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